Who do you appoint as a Guardian Ad Litem for low- and middle-income litigants?

Our firm serves clients who fall in the justice gap between qualifying for free legal services at being able to afford the market rate for Atlanta attorneys.  These same clients balk at hiring a GAL in cases that really need one because they cannot afford the added expense.


What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem (sometimes called a "GAL") is someone appointed by the Court to represent the child in a legal dispute concerning the child's custody or welfare. The GAL represents neither parent in the dispute, but instead represents the best interest of the child.



  • A Member of Lawyers for Equal Justice
  • Experience handling matters involving domestic violence, child sexual abuse, contentious custody issues and more
  • Willing and able to travel
  • Emory Law Grad
  • Family Law Attorney
  • Former sexual assault victim advocate and birth doula
  • Training and experience with Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation as a guardian ad litem


To hire JoAnna as a GAL in your case, please call 404-480-2701.